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The Amazing Success Story of Jack Ma and Alibaba

Jack Ma
Jack Ma (Picture credit: ITU Pictures from flickr

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell you the success story of Jack Ma and Alibaba.
Let us know the inspiring story of Jack Ma, he was once a failure in his life and now due to his persistence, he has become the jack of all trades.
Jack Ma achieved huge success despite many setbacks in his life, his father was not rich to support him financially, he did not have a powerful uncle to help him in his business and many times he failed to raise even a single dollar from the banks.
Jack Ma never believed that he was smart enough; he succeeded in his life only by his sheer persistence.
Initially, no one believed that Jack Ma would become successful, everybody thought him as a crazy guy, who thinks differently.
This article is the biography of Jack Ma.

Don’t let your dear dreams get burned-

Unlike the other people who take warm shelter in their comfort zone, failing to realise that this warmness will slowly burn their dreams into ashes, Jack Ma tried something different from the crowd and eventually succeeded.
Now, Jack Ma is one of the richest persons in the world with a net worth of 35.6 billion dollars.


Jack Ma (Ma Yun) was born on 10 September 1964 in Hangzhou, China.
You will be surprised to know that Jack Ma was a very poor performing student since his school days.
He used to take many attempts to pass in an examination.

Born into a poor family-

Jack Ma was born into a poor family, his father used to work as a story-teller for living.
Since his childhood, Jack Ma wanted to badly learn the English language.
During those times, Chinese was the official language in China and learning English was not mandatory, but Jack Ma was fascinated to learn English.
But his family was too poor to afford him a good education by which he can learn English.
So, Jack Ma thought an amazing idea by which he can learn English for free.
Jack Ma started to help the English speaking foreigners who visited China as a tourist guide, in hope of learning English from them.
He offered his services for free and used to learn English by conversing with them.
For many years, Jack Ma worked as a tourist guide by which he eventually gained fluency in speaking English.

How Ma Yun became Jack Ma?

A foreign tourist named him Jack Ma, as he found difficult to pronounce his original name, Ma Yun.

Starting with failures-

Jack Ma was a very poor performing student; he failed twice in his fifth grade and failed thrice in his eighth grade.
After completing his schooling, Jack Ma applied for a university for three times, but he failed each and every time.
He wanted to study form the prestigious Harvard University, so he applied for the Harvard University.
But unfortunately, Jack Ma got rejected by the Harvard University for ten times.
So, he finally joined the Hangzhou Normal University, in China. From here, he graduated in B.A. in English.
And after completing his graduation, Jack Ma applied for several jobs in numerous companies.
But he failed to secure a job anywhere.
At last, Jack Ma applied for a job in the police department, but here also he faced disappointment.

The unluckiest person-

When the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) opened its outlet in his city for the first time, Jack Ma along with 23 people applied for the jobs in KFC.
But all the 23 people got selected and Jack Ma was the only one to get rejected by KFC.
He was rejected for 30 times during his job hunt time.
Jack Ma got depressed from these rejections but later moved on to become successful.

Finally getting employed-

At last, Jack Ma got employed as an English lecturer by the Hangzhou Dianzi University.
He serviced for this university for six long years.
Even here, Jack Ma was very frustrated because of the low pay; he received a meagre 10 dollars per month.
So, finally he resigned from that job.
And Jack Ma started to work as a translator.
This gave him an opportunity to travel to America in the year 1995.

Getting influenced by the internet-

Jack Ma was stunned to see the vast usage of the internet in the USA.
For Jack Ma, the internet was a very new thing, never before in his life he heard about internet.
So, out of curiosity, he typed beer in the Yahoo search engine.
Jack Ma searched for beer because it was a simple word.
He was astonished to see the search results which displayed the complete information about beer from various countries except from China.
Then, Jack Ma looked for something about his homeland, China but was saddened to see no results about his country.
He wondered why there was nothing about his country on internet, even as China is the most populated country in the world.

Trying to do something with internet-

As Jack Ma was frustrated by the lack of good jobs, he decided to do something new with the help of the internet.
He saw a great opportunity here; Jack Ma decided to make a website about China.
At this time he had no idea about websites or the internet so he took the help of his friend and launched an ugly website.
Luckily, his website became quite popular; Jack Ma also received many appreciation phone calls from his happy customers.
After this success, another idea sparked in his mind, by which he launched a new startup by name, China Yellow Pages.
Jack Ma and his friends invested their savings into this company.
But this time, the luck did not favour his side and he encountered huge losses by which he went bankrupt.
As a result, Jack Ma was forced to do a regular job for living.
But soon he resigned for the job and returned home.
Here, Jack Ma discussed with his friends on launching a brand new start-up, which we now know as Alibaba.
So, he discussed about this topic with his twenty-four friends.
Out of his twenty-four friends, the twenty-three friends voiced against his ideas, they said that his idea was very stupid and they also said that Jack Ma did not know anything about computers.
Jack Ma tried to borrow around 3000 dollars from the banks, for the investments for his startup and even after trying hard for three months, he failed to earn a loan.
Then, he talked to around forty venture capitalists but each one of them turned him down.

Believing in his ideas wholeheartedly-

Many people believed that Alibaba was a terrible business model, but Jack Ma believed in his idea wholeheartedly, that his business will grow big someday, but he never expected it to become as big as we see today.
He grasped that something was waiting for him here and believed that he need to work hard to prove himself and achieve success.
In the initial days, many people discouraged Jack Ma and his business model, they opined that his business model was terrible and would never succeed.
This was the hardest period of his life.
Finally, Alibaba was founded in 4 April 1999 in the apartment of Jack Ma, when Jack Ma succeeded to gather 50,000 US dollars from its 17 founders.     
Alibaba started as a very humble startup with just 18 employees but now it employs more than 101,958 people.
When the Alibaba was started, there was no such business model in the USA.
For the next three consecutive years, Alibaba failed to generate any revenue.

Going forward with gratitude-

You might wonder why this business was continued for three long years, when it failed to generate any revenue, but the only answer to this question is- gratitude.
Jack Ma received a lot of e-mails of thanks from his customers, who said that his business was a great thing and Alibaba helped them immensely but they said that they cannot pay Jack Ma anything.
They also said that if Jack Ma continued helping people, one fine day he will definitely be successful and Jack Ma believed in those words, which motivated him to carry his work.
Eventually with the passage of time, Jack Ma build-up a very successful ecosystem and business model.
And now, Jack Ma runs Alibaba group, Tmall, Alipay, Taobao, etc.
Now, Taobao is the world's biggest e-commerce website.
Jack Ma attributes his success to the team work.

Be open-minded-

Never give up on your dreams, no matter how big they seem to be, take one step at a time towards achieving your dreams.
Jack Ma says the world has plenty of opportunities; you must be open-minded to notice these opportunities and catch them to move forward in life.
He says that the rejections are a part and parcel of the normal lives and now-a-days, many young people lose hope and vision and start to complain about their lives.

Is this the best time to become successful?

Now-a-days, people frown at the lack of opportunities, lack of proper jobs, etc.
But now, we are the best time of the century.
Currently, we have the best assets to become successful, even the young age can be counted as an asset.
Don’t waste your time in complaining, let the other people complain.
You just focus on doing things differently and adding value to the lives of the people.

Working on his dreams-

What differentiates Jack Ma from other people is that he follows his dreams relentlessly, unlike most other people who dream something fancy and big in the evening, but due to lack of courage and self-confidence, these people wake up in the morning to carry out their routine safe job.

Earn revenue from your mistakes-

Jack Ma encourages the young generation to learn from committing mistakes, he says that any mistake is a wonderful income or revenue, as these mistakes teach invaluable lessons in life.
When you are around 20 years old, you should be a good student and when you are 20 to 30 years old, you should follow somebody who is better than you.
And in between 30 to 40 years, you should start working for yourself, if you desire to become an entrepreneur.        
After 40 years, you should focus on doing things, which you do well.
You should not try to jump into new areas or new kinds of works, as it will be too late for you to catch up at this age. In this age, only focus on the things in which you are good at.
And when you turn 50 years old, it is better to work for the young people, as these people can perform better than you. So, to accomplish your things invest and rely on the young people at this age.
At this age, take time to train the young people.

Learn differently-

Jack Ma advises young people to join a small company instead of a big company.
As joining a big company, teaches you only a handful of processes and you would be a part of a big machine.
But when you chose a small company or startup, you will get an opportunity to learn about the dreams and passion, you will become a way more efficient as you will eventually learn how to accomplish a lot of tasks in a small time.
So, if you chose a startup you will not be a part of a big machine instead you will be the whole machine itself, which can operate independently and accomplish more things.
Additionally, you should also choose a right boss, as a good boss teaches you differently.

Optimising yourself to become successful-

Jack Ma says that the main reason behind the success of people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Page, etc. is being optimistic about the future.
These people never complain and always try to solve the real-world problems.
He says that when you are optimistic about life, life will be optimistic about you.

Advice to the entrepreneurs-

If you wish to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to do things before other people do.
You should be braver than the others to take risks.
You have to wake up before the others to work on your dreams.

Believe in yourself-

To become successful, first you should believe in yourself, even if your friends, family and investors don’t believe in your ideas.
Great things happen only when you and your team believe in the ideas and work day and night to achieve it.

Want to become rich?

You should not follow the money, as money only follows the successful people and successful people follow their dreams.
So, if you dream to earn big, just follow your dreams and eventually money will start flowing in.

The grand success-

Now, Alibaba is one of the most successful and well-known companies on earth.
The IPO of the Alibaba group on the New York Stock Exchange received the largest IPO in the history of USA.
Now, the net worth of Alibaba is more than 454 billion dollars.
Jack Ma is an inspiration to millions of people who get discouraged by the failures in life and give up early.

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