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Top 15 Computer and Technology Myths That Even Computer Experts Believe

Electronic items
Electronic items

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to demystify the most popular computer and technology myths.
Many of these myths are being widely circulated through internet and are causing more harm than good.
If you use computers in your daily life in your home or in your office, then this article will help you immensely.

Myth 1: Your computer has been infected with a virus-

When your computer slows down or hangs after you use it for a period of time, it means that your computer is infected with a virus.
Many resources on the internet also claim that the reason for slowing down of a computer might be a virus.
But this claim is not true.
The slowness of a computer can be attributed to several different factors.

Some of the common reasons for the slowing down of your computer are as follows-

  • When the hard drive or hard disk is running out of space that is when you completely fill the storage of your hard drive.
  • Outdated software.
  • When your operating system is not up to date.
  • Installing too many programs also slows down your computer.

So, the next time when your computer slows down a bit, please don’t get nervous that your computer is infected with a virus; most probably the reasons mentioned above might be a reason for the slow performance of your computer.

Myth 2: The antivirus installed in your computer completely immunes your computer from any and all kinds of virus attacks-

This is the most dangerous myth in which many people believe. Even many computer experts believe in this myth.
This results in compromising of their computer’s security.
It is important to demystify this myth because now everyone has his or her personal, sensitive and banking information on their computers.     
Even if you install the best antivirus available on earth and even if you purchase the most expensive antivirus out there, even then there are chances of virus infecting your computer.
So, you also have to play the role of an antivirus that is, you must watch your behaviour which may be encouraging the viruses to infect your computer.
Such behaviours include clicking the unsafe and suspicious links, installing malicious software, downloading software and files from a third-party website which is not secure, using crack software, etc.
So, you can be the best antivirus in the world for your computer.
The best and easy practice which protects your computer from many viruses is to regularly update the database of your antivirus; this practice protects your computer from the newer viruses which gets spread mainly through the internet.
Your antivirus protects your computer against a virus attack only when it identifies the virus (that is when the antivirus identifies the virus by its virus definitions), so updating the database of your antivirus enables your antivirus to identify the new viruses and this ultimately protects your computer.

Myth 3: You do not need an antivirus if you are a computer expert-

You must use a good antivirus even if you have a very good knowledge on computers.
Because in some cases your computer might be used by a less tech-savvy person, he or she might put your computer at a risk from getting infected by virus.
Also, even if you do not perform any action, your computer might get infected with a virus.

For example, you might be using out-dated software like browser or browser plug-ins which might contain an exploit.
So, when you visit a compromised website, hackers might take vantage of the exploits in your browser.
That is why regularly updating the software present in your computer is important.

Myth 4: A computer geek or expert knows everything about computers- 

The computer geeks or the computer experts or a person who studied computers have full knowledge about the computers and know each and everything about the computers.
These people can solve any issue related to computers very easily in no time. This is one of the biggest myths.
Even a computer expert or geek cannot solve all the problems of a computer.
Although a computer expert can fix some problems and possess decent knowledge about computers, it will be overwhelming to assume that he has the full knowledge of computers and can fix any problem arising in any computers.
Most of these experts simply Google the issue or the problem.

That means when a computer experiences any problem, it displays an error message, these people simply type the error message in Google and follow the step by step instructions to fix that particular problem.
So, the next time when your computer encounters a problem instead of asking for help from a tech-savvy person, you yourself can rectify the problem by googling about the problem or by googling the error message.

Myth 5: You must shut down your computer every time you have done working with it-

Instead of shutting down you can use the sleep mode, so that you can resume working faster the next time when you need to work on your computer.
In contrast, if you shut down your computer, your precious time gets wasted by waiting for the computer to get booted up.
Also in sleep mode the computer consumes very negligible battery.

Myth 6: Using laptops while travelling is safe-

Portable computers may get damaged due to the portability they offer.
When you use your laptop during travel, the movements and jerks can damage the internal components and data of your laptop.
So, the best practice is to shut down your computer while travelling.

Myth 7: The laptops or computers running Windows software are not secure and Macs don’t need an antivirus-

Many people believe that the Windows machines can easily get infected with virus and blindly believe that the Mac OS computers are immune from virus attacks. This myth is mainly based on a flawed logic.
The explanation for this myth is the majority of people in the world use a Windows computer (around 79 per cent) compared to an Apple computer (around 14 per cent).
So, many hackers and the individuals who create virus make viruses that target computers running on Windows OS, so that their virus gets spread to the majority of the computers in the world.
Even if you use a Mac device you must use antivirus software.
In the year 2015, a senior analyst working with Bitdefender antivirus said that the Mac OS X had more vulnerabilities than that of all the versions of the Windows operating systems combined.
Also Mac OS has also its share of viruses like MaMi.
So, to protect your computer, update the operating system (turning on the automatic system updates will even help much better), regularly update the antivirus and take a backup of the important files.
By the way, your Android smartphone doesn’t require an antivirus, as Android is a very secure operating system.

Myth 8: You should safely eject your Pen Drives-

You can safely pull out your Pen Drive without using this feature but be sure to check that the Pen Drive is not being used by the computer.
That is, check that nothing is being copied to or copied from the Pen Drive. And also check that no program or software is using or modifying the files on your Pen Drive (for example do not pull your Pen Drive when the Microsoft Word software is in the middle of saving the document stored on your Pen Drive). This might corrupt your files.
After keeping in mind the two above mentioned points, you can unplug the Pen Drive without using the safely remove hardware and eject media feature.

Myth 9: Incognito mode hides your internet activity from the world-

This is another popular myth.
Many people believe that when they browse in incognito mode or private mode, their activities on the internet is completely hidden and they can operate anonymously and no one can trace them.
But the only benefit of the incognito mode is that browsing internet in this mode won’t store your browsing history on your device.
So when you visit a website even is incognito mode, which is unsafe and is a phishing website, then your IP address gets shared with those websites. So, these websites get to know about your device through the IP address.
So, to protect your device the best way is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.

Myth 10: You can permanently delete your files-

Many people believe that deleting the files and even deleting the files from your computer recycle bin or trash bin permanently deletes those files and these deleted files can never be recovered.
But this is a myth, the deleted files or data can easily be recovered with a data recovery software.
So, a deleted file or sensitive information stays on your computer’s hard disk till another file overwrites that deleted file.
Additionally, you can also use a data shredding software.

Myth 11: Jailbreaking of  an iPhone is illegal-

Jailbreaking is absolutely legal. But downloading copyrighted content by jailbreaking the iPhone is illegal.
In the year 2012 itself jailbreaking was legalised but with an exemption constituted to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
The only downside of jailbreaking of an iPhone is that it voids the warranty of the device.
If you have already jailbreaked the device, you can simple unjailbreak the device.

Myth 12: Torrents are not legal-

The torrents are not illegal; torrents are just peer to peer file sharing methods similar to that of airdrop and Wi-Fi direct feature, which are completely legal.
You can always download anything on torrent but copyrighted content (like TV shows, songs, crack software, movies).
Downloading non-copyrighted content on torrent is hundred per cent legal.

Myth 13: Facebook, Google, YouTube and other free services are completely free of cost-

These services are not completely free and you are unknowingly paying a price by using these services.
You pay the price by providing your personal information to them, which allows these websites to display the customized advertisements to you.
By displaying the advertisements, these companies are making revenue.
So, the bottom line is your personal data is their currency and lifeline.

Myth 14: Refreshing the Windows desktop, makes your computer faster-

Continually pressing the refresh or the F5 button does not make your computer faster but it only refreshes the icons of your desktop.
Additionally, this practice puts an extra load on the already slow computer.
Refreshing is useful only if the changes you made to a file is not being displayed in your explorer, then refreshing will display the changes made to the file. But even this is needed in very rare cases.

Myth 15: You should restart your computer after installing a program or software-

Many restart their computers out of fear that the newly installed software might not work at all or not work properly if they did not restart their computers.
Almost over 99 per cent of the newly installed software which displays the message that you need to restart your system, will work fine and as expected even when you do not restart your system.
The reason behind this message which asks us to restart our system is that the newly installed software might sometimes require modifying a file, but that file might be in use by another program, this makes the modification of the file impossible by the newly installed software.
So, when we restart our system, the newly installed software can modify the files.
Hope you enjoyed reading this article; tell me your opinions in the comment section below.

Thank you very much for reading. Please visit my blog and share the content, follow this blog as I will be updating my blog on a very regular basis with interesting information. And also, subscribe to my blog.
Feedback from readers is highly appreciated; it helps me to deliver better results to you.

Once again thank you for your time


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