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The Inspiring Story of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee (Picture credit: Sal Ami from flickr

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell you about Bruce Lee.
This story is all about the journey of a normal teenager to the world’s famous action hero and karate master.
This article is the biography of Bruce Lee.

Always the king of martial arts-

Bruce lee was the king of martial arts.
Bruce Lee had muscles of steel, by which he could beat anyone only with one single punch.
He is inspiration to many Karate and Kung fu students.
His movements were so fast, that it was very difficult to notice his movements with bare eyes.
During those days, there was no one to beat Bruce Lee; it explains the power of Bruce Lee.


Bruce Lee in born at November 27, 1940 in China Town, San Francisco, California, US in Jackson street hospital.
The original name of Bruce Lee was Lee Jun-fan, the name Bruce was suggested by a hospital nurse.
His father was a Chinese, by name Lee Hoi-chuen and his mother’s name was Grace Ho.
Lee Hoi-chuen was an opera singer and actor. Opera is very famous in western countries of the world.
Since his father was an actor, he used to take Bruce Lee to cinema shootings. As a result Bruce Lee got opportunities to act in films.

Actor at just 3 months of age-

Bruce Lee acted in his first film by name, Golden gate girl at just 3 months of age for a baby role.
Bruce Lee learnt acting and dance since his childhood.
In his childhood, Bruce Lee acted in more than 20 films.
After a few months, his family moved from USA to Hong Kong.
At those times, the Hong Kong was ruled by mafia gangs, who made the lives of normal people very difficult.

The turning point of his life-

The following incident occurred when Bruce Lee was of 14 years of age-
Once Bruce Lee was returning to home from his school, he unfortunately got beaten by a gang.
This incident forced Bruce Lee to learn martial arts to protect himself from such notorious gangs.
He learnt Kung fu, from a man by name Yip Man, who was a well-known Kung fu teacher.
Yip Man thought Bruce Lee a terrific technique by name, Wing Chun.
Then, after a few days the same gang attacked Bruce Lee in his school.
But now the gang members got severely beaten by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee broke the teeth of a gang member and another member got his hand broken by Bruce Lee.
After this incident, the police authorities warned the father of Bruce Lee, that if such incident repeats, Bruce Lee will be jailed.

Moving to USA-

This made his father to send Bruce Lee to California, USA.
So, the Bruce Lee at his 18 years of age shifted to California to stay in the house of a family friend.
Bruce Lee for a living used to work as a waiter in a restaurant and used to train people in martial arts in gardens.
At his 20 years of age, he joined University of Washington for studying philosophy. There, along with studying he also used to practice martial arts.
Bruce Lee was a vivid book reader.
He became very famous in college because of martial arts. Many college students used to show interest in learning karate from Bruce Lee.
So, he started Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu martial arts institute in China town, Los Angles the year 1963.
In that school, Bruce Lee used to train Hollywood actors in martial arts.
In the same year, he acted as a helping actor in a film by name, Marlowe.
He also stated his second school in USA.

The brave hero-

He was being threatened by some Asian martial arts masters, who accused him of leaking the martial arts secrets which belonged to China to the world.
They envied his growth and even threatened to kill him.
But Bruce Lee did not pay any concern to their threats and developed a new method of martial arts by name Jeet Kune Do, with his knowledge of boxing, karate and kung fu.
In a competition, the one inch punch exhibited by Bruce Lee got well-renowned. As a result, he garnered huge number of fans.

His amazing feats-

One of his famous stunts include dragon flag which includes, lifting his 70 per cent of body in supine position in air without any support for at least half-an-hour.
Bruce lee punches were very powerful, the opponent use to fall 5-6 meters away, even if Bruce Lee punched the opponent from a 3 feet distance.
Also, Bruce Lee used to quickly catch the rice grains which were thrown into air by using a pair of chopsticks.
Bruce Lee challenged human limitations by his performance and stunts.

The family-

In the year 1965, Bruce Lee was blessed with a baby boy, who was named as Brandon Lee.
He was later blessed with a daughter, whom he named as Shannon Lee.

Brandon Lee grew up to become an actor, but unfortunately he died due to accidental firearm discharge while acting for a movie.
Shannon Lee worked as an actress for a brief period of time.
Later Bruce Lee was offered to act in shows like the Green Hornet, Batman, etc.
This made it possible for him to get in contact with many actors, for whom he later trained martial arts.
Bruce Lee was a very big fan of Gama Pehalwan, a heavy weight champion from India.

Proving the physicians wrong-

In the year 1970, his spinal cord got severely damaged while lifting heavy weights. After which doctors, stated that he will never be able to perform martial arts.
But Bruce lee proved his physicians wrong, as in a few days he started practising martial arts.
Bruce lee used to train himself very hard, he used to daily practice over 2000 punches, 1000 kicks, and run over a distance of 5 kilometres.
He also used to train his son in martial arts from a very small age.

Breaking Box-office records-

Later, Bruce Lee moved to Hong Kong. Where, he met a producer by name Raymond Chow.
He along with Raymond Chow produced a movie by name The Big Boss; it was a big block buster movie which created new box-office records in Asia.
Big boss was a Chinese movie, in which Bruce Lee played the lead role.
The fights of Bruce Lee were showed in slow motion, because Bruce Lee movements were so fast-paced that normal eye could not recognise his body movements.
As the big boss movie became super hit, he became an international superstar.
Later, in another movie by name Fist of Fury, he introduced a new weapon by name nunchaku. This movie was also a run-away hit which proved him a great action hero.


Bruce acted as a writer, choreographer, producer, hero, fight master and director for a movie by the name Way of the Dragon.
He along with Warner Brothers produced a movie by name Enter the Dragon.

The very unfortunate incident-

A few days before the release of this film, Bruce Lee went to the home of the actress Betty Ting of his next film, Game of death to discuss about this film.
In her home, he developed a severe headache. So, Betty Ting  gave him a tablet by name Equagesic. He took the tablet and went to a room to take rest and it was his last sleep, he never woke up from it.
He was taken to the Baptist hospital in Hong Kong, but unfortunately he couldn’t be saved.
So, a legend rested on July 20, 1973 at very young age of 32 years.
The world was very saddened to hear his death news; he died one week prior to the release of the biggest film in his career, Enter the Dragon.
Doctors confirmed that the reason for his death was cerebral edema, which was caused by the adverse effect of Equagesic medication, which he took for headache.
Thousands of people attended the funeral of Bruce Lee. The roads of Hong Kong got filled to brim with people.

So, the world lost a great fighter, artist, poet, Hollywood star and philosopher.

The man who connected east with west-

He was the first great actor to connect the eastern parts of the world with the western parts with the help of culture and art.
Times magazine declared Bruce Lee as one of the most influential person of the twentieth century.
Even after so many years of his passing away, the world fondly remembers his contributions to the fields of martial arts and philosophy.
He attained stardom at a very small age with his hard work and dedication.

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