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The Very Motivational Failure to Success Story of Ranveer and BeerBiceps

A person lifting barbell
A person lifting barbell


Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell about the very inspirational failure to success story of Ranveer Allahbadia and his YouTube channel, BeerBiceps.
This article is a tribute to my favourite YouTuber, who has inspired me and many young entrepreneurs across the country to realise their dreams.
This article is the biography of Ranveer Allahbadia.

From being success to becoming a failure-

Ranveer was a very well performing student until his high school.
Then after high school, he chose electronics and telecom engineering for his graduation.
Unfortunately, his first year of engineering turned out to be very bad.
Ranveer thought that the engineering will be very practical and will teach him innovative solutions to the real world problems.
But in college, completely opposite happened.

Impractical education system-

Mugging up the theory without any emphasis on practical education made him to lose his interest in studies.
Even though he was minding his own work in college, some of his teachers assumed him to be a mischief maker, because he was well-groomed but was failing in his studies.

Suffering because of bad friends-

So, at this phase of his life, he started to consume alcohol thanks to the company of bad people with whom he surrounded himself with.
Ranveer was subjected to extreme negativism in his life in the form of bad company, bad relationship, the bad education system, the failures in his college, etc.
So, this made him to stop studying and he decided to study one day prior to his examinations.


Due to all the negative things occurring in his life, Ranveer started to drink alcohol too often, like three times a week. So, he became an alcoholic at one point in his life.
His parents were too concerned for his son, by observing his habits.
Unfortunately, during this phase of life he also had break-up. And the new person with whom he established relationship had fooled around him.

His first failure in life-

This practice made him to fail a subject in engineering by name Basic Electrical Engineering, a very important subject.
So, the student who was a topper since his high school and never failed in his life began to fail horribly in his engineering.
Ranveer got to know about this failure in the month of February.
He was subjected to immense pressure because all his family members were well-educated from top most institutions in the country, so Ranveer felt little awkward to present himself in front of his well-accomplished family members.

Thinking of committing suicide-

Due to these failures, Ranveer thought of committing suicide.
Luckily, his parents understood his situation and the circumstances which led him to fail and supported him well enough.
His mother explained that failing exam in not his complete life but it is a very small negligible part of life. You cannot be a failure in life by failing in exams.
So, the next day, his mother gave him freedom to do anything which makes him happy.
So, Ranveer got a tattoo on his arm, so that he can remember the lowest part in his life whenever he looks at his tattoo.
By looking at the tattoo he affirms himself that he had experienced the darkest phase of his life and nothing can get worse than that. I have come this far through that phase and so, I can handle any challenges in my life.
After which he reduced his alcohol intake because he realised that this made him to fail.

Hitting the gym-

Afterwards, he developed interest in gymming because since his childhood he wished to have a good physique. He was inspired by John Cena, Brock Lesnar and a cartoon character by name Goku.
Both weight training and gymming shifted his life in a very positive way.
After a period of one month, Ranveer noticed the effects of physical exercise on his body and was amazed with the results.
This gymming habit changed his life in more than one way, he abandoned consuming alcohol and started eating healthy food, because he realised that to obtain a good physique one must eat healthy and should not drink and smoke.

Adding positivity to life-

These developments added positivity in his life; he started to like engineering and started studying hard, even though many of his friends dropped out of college.
Ranveer finally graduated with first class.

Starting a YouTube career-

In the meantime, he started his own YouTube channel in August 2015 by name BeerBiceps because he realised that his skills in communication, fitness, media and marketing would greatly help in You Tubing.
His typical day consisted of shooting videos from morning till afternoon, and then editing those videos until evening.
Then, he used to go to gym after which he used to train people until night; he also used to distribute pamphlets about his YouTube channel. Ranveer used to reach home at midnight.

Unlike the regular herd-

Ranveer says that is it very easy to follow herd, like doing regular jobs, etc. but the real challenge lies in becoming an entrepreneur.
He later left fitness training and settled as a full-time You Tuber.
He did not allow the lack of money or investments to come in between realising his dream of starting his own YouTube channel.
He started his YouTube channel with the help of his laptop and a smartphone.
But he soon realised that he must have good equipment, like expensive cameras, etc. to become a successful You Tuber.

Selling his most precious thing for realising his dream-

But Ranveer decided that he would not depend on his parent’s money, so he sold off his PlayStation 2 and all his video games, he had a great attachment with it because he played on it for almost 10 years.
But he took that decision because he was very serious about becoming a successful You Tuber.
He initially used to upload only videos related to fitness but after some days, he decided to upload life hacks videos also.
Even now when he feels a bit low, he starts gymming to set his mood right.

A million views within a week-

Unfortunately, most of the life hacks videos failed. So, he tried making videos related to men’s style and fashion.
That video was an instant hit, as it crossed one million views within a single week.
He says that he became a successful YouTuber because of discipline, the discipline which originated while gymming has also transferred into You Tubing.
Ranveer says that all the negative things that happened in his life, transformed him into a stronger person, by which later he attained great success.

Do failures really matter?

You will laugh at your failures and your feelings associated with those failures after a few years, when you realise that no one really cares about marks that you attained in your school or college.

About Indian education system-

He says that the worst part of the Indian education system is that it measures the capabilities of students on their capacity of mugging of theory, that if you remember most theory points, then you are a topper which is very impractical way of evaluating the students.

Does a Hard Drive become a topper?

In the real world, this mugging up skill is completely useless as who needs to remember all the data when everyone has access to speedy internet, smartphones, etc. from which all the information of the world can be attained with the single click of a button?
Many will realise their passions and their skills only after they have completed their education. So, if you score low in your exams do not get depressed.
Even if you work hard but unfortunately fail in exams, then it is definitely not your fault.
May the life has in store something bigger for you. And you might settle very well in a different field than from your field of education.
Your real life starts after your school or college days.
The period in which you go to school is only just a quarter of your life, you still have three-fourths of life left to explore.

Does mugging up make you successful?

The amount of success that you attain in your life is directly proportional to the amount of hard work you put in, but mugging up the theory is not a very meaningful hard work.

Your life is not determined by your marks-

Your teachers or lecturers portray that if you fail in an exam your life is over and no one can save you.
Think of their words in a different perspective like- the teacher’s career is dependent on their students passing exams. If any student fails in an exam, the teacher will usually fear that this will affect their own career growth, promotions, etc.
So, the teachers instil fear in the minds of their students that if one passes in exams, then he or she is an ultimate achiever and need not achieve anything else in your life.
But in reality, if you start to work or do a job, the skill set needed to do a job or business is very different from the education that you received in your school or college.

Realise your true potential and focus on positives-

He says that one must realise his own value. But unfortunately, many in the current generation fail to do so.
Many focus solely on the negative side of their lives, even when there are many positive things occurring in their lives.
You can selectively eliminate the most of the negatives in your life and can willingly bring positivity in your life.
This kind of negative mentality is exacerbated because of some negative friends and family members.
Take for example, you can make a decision to unfriend and unfollow negative people both in your personal life and in your social media. You may even decide not to watch the television serials and majority of the news which mostly depict negativism.

Absorb positiveness -

And to imbibe positiveness, you can read the positive blogs, watch positive videos, etc.
The positivity or negativity you garner either makes you successful, confident and happy or makes you a failure, fearful, guilty and depressed person.

The rule of five-

Ranveer says that one is the average of the five people with whom he spends most of his time. This rule applies everywhere, in your workplace, your home and almost everywhere.
So, one must always surround himself around positive and good people.

Choose your friends wisely-

Try to make friends with only good and positive people and at work place avoid toxic and negative people. Because the way you think is highly influenced by the people who surround you.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger-

Those who fail in their school days know very well how to handle the failures which obviously occur in later parts of their lives compared to a topper who never fails, he usually gets shocked by experiencing failures in real world.
Failures are meant to make you a stronger person and are not a disgrace to you.
The negative experiences do not occur to weaken us but instead they make us more resilient individuals, by which we can confidently face the numerous challenges the life throws on us.

Never turning back again-

Now, Ranveer successful runs two companies and provides employment to many other people.
Now, he is a very successful YouTuber and business man and had recently bought a brand new high-end SUV, Skoda Kodiaq worth more than 35 lakhs and has own office in Prabhadevi, Mumbai’s prime location.
 His YouTube channel is blessed with over 2.41 million subscribers.
Now his parents are very happy and proud of his son’s achievements.

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