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The Success Story of Elon Musk- The Most Revolutionary Risk-taking Entrepreneur Ever

Elon Musk
Elon Musk (Picture credit: Steve Jurvetson from flickr

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell you the very inspirational biography of Elon Musk.

The biggest risk in our lives-

Do you know who are under severe risk? The people who don’t take any risk in their lives and don’t leave their comfort zones. All the great people took risks in some part of their lives to attain great success.


I am going to tell you about a famous personality who is a life-long risk taker. Yes, he is Elon Musk, the legend who is changing the world and one of the few peoples on earth who has potential to change the world.

Elon Reeve Musk was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa. His parents got divorced when he was just 10 years. He used to live with his father after the divorce.
Since his childhood, Elon Musk showed great interest in science and computers.

Creative since childhood-

He learnt computer programming and coding on his own, when Elon Musk was a kid. He created a game by name Blastar when he was just 12 years of age. He later sold the game for 500 dollars.

Overcoming his childhood fear-

Elon Musk feared darkness, when he was a child. So, unlike other people he started researching on his fear and learnt that darkness is nothing but absence of photons (source of light) in between 400 to 700 nm of wavelength.

 Elon Musk found that fearing of darkness means fearing of absence of photons is a very silly thing. From that time on wards, he had no fear of darkness.

He is changing the perception of the society in a rapid way. Many used to think electric cars are just toys and can never be used for travelling, but Elon changed that perception with his company, Tesla. And also did many great appreciable things like launching rockets at economic prices.

Moving to the land of great opportunities-

Elon Musk got to know that the western countries held a great potential to realise one’s dreams. So, at the age of 17 he moved to Canada. There for living, he used to do many odd jobs like cleaning broiler rooms, etc.

He completed his education in Queens College. Elon was then transferred to university of Pennsylvania, USA where he did Engineering and business degree.

During his initial days, he used to do many small jobs for a living but now he is a billionaire and one of the most powerful persons on earth.

Dropping out of University-

Later, Elon Musk joined Stanford University for PhD program. But he realised the impact of internet boom and wanted to test in luck in that area, so he dropped out of university on the second day.

Then Elon along with his brother toiled hard, day and night in a rented apartment and developed software by name Zip 2 in 1995.
His first success-
After 4 years, he sold his product to Compaq for 307 million dollars. Elon received 22 million dollars in this process. He invested this money and developed a money transferring software by name in the same year.


Later, and another company by name Confinity merged to form PayPal. But unfortunately, the board members of PayPal removed Elon from the company and sold PayPal to eBay.
As Elon was a shareholder in PayPal, he received 180 million dollars.

During these times, Elon used to read books related to space and rockets vividly.


This decision taken by Elon is the greatest risk in his life because many organisations like NASA, European space agency, etc. find it very challenging, because even if a single rocket fails, then the loss will incur in billions.

Elon went Russia to purchase rockets but was offered rockets for a very high price, so he decided to develop his own rockets.
Elon got to know that launching rockets into space is a very expensive affair, so he decided that he will achieve it in a cost-effective manner.

Everyone thought that Elon went crazy, when he decided to launch rockets. But Elon kept faith in himself and in the year 2002, he invested his 100 million dollars to found SpaceX.


Elon noticed the effect of petrol and diesel vehicles on our environment and decided to reduce the air pollution by launching electric vehicles.

But soon he was faced with many challenges like the high cost of battery, the battery which cannot hold charge for a long period of time and also the previous electric cars were very slow and unreliable for a longer distance travel.

So, Elon Musk invested heavily in Tesla, an electric car manufacturing company. But at that time Tesla was in crisis.


Later, Elon focused on producing clean, renewable energy, the energy which do not produce any adverse effects on the environment. So, he started a solar company in the year 2006, by the name SolarCity.

This company mainly focuses on manufacturing and installing solar panels.

The beginning of real challenging times-

From the year 2006, the real hard time had begun for Elon Musk.
The first rocket launched by SpaceX, blasted in just 33 seconds after launch. This resulted in heavy losses to space x, the losses amounted in billions of dollars.

After this incident, many humiliated Elon that launching rockets must be done by great organisations like NASA and rocket scientists, not by a common man like Elon.

During the same period, Tesla launched its car model by name Roadster. Tesla declared that the car will cover 320 kilometers with a single charge.

Failing to deliver the promise-

But the car failed miserably by stopping at just 80 kilometers in a test-drive program called Top Gear by BBC.
This episode resulted in loss of faith in general public for Tesla in particular and electric cars in general.

In the year 2007, the second rocket launched by SpaceX, failed miserably when its engine got shut down in the vicinity of the space orbit. This failure also resulted in billions of dollar loss.

Then after a few day, the bank which made deal with solar city, suddenly withdrew its deal.
Unfortunately, even in the year 2008, the third rocket launched by space X, also got blasted in the middle of the air.

To the brink of bankruptcy-

These failures took SpaceX and its founder Elon Musk to the brink of bankruptcy.
Also, the other board members of Tesla decided to shut down Tesla. But as a final attempt to save Tesla, Elon invested all the remaining money he had, which amounted to 40 million dollars in Tesla.

All the companies run by Elon, which include SpaceX, Tesla and Solarcity were on the edge of bankruptcy.
During these hard times, Elon got divorced with his wife Justine. So, Elon faced many problems in his family and professional life.

During these hardships, no one stood by his back and no one was ready to invest in his companies.
Even then, Musk did not lose hope.

The beginning of the real success saga and never looking back-

After successive failures of SpaceX, the fourth rocket launched was a huge success.
After a few days, NASA made a 1.8 billion dollars contract with SpaceX for delivering goods to the international space station (ISS).

A new record-

SpaceX created a new record, as it was the only private aerospace company which was offered contract with NASA.
He also contributed in the development of re-usable rockets, thereby reducing the rocket launching costs in a very significant manner.

The most interesting thing to be noted is that he never received any formal education in rocket science, he learn everything by reading books.

The real life Iron Man-

Elon is famously called as a real-life Iron Man.
In the movie Iron Man, Elon Musk is the inspiration for the character of Tony Stark.
He appeared in a special guest appearance in a movie Iron Man 2.

Some parts of the movie were shot in the premises of SpaceX.
During the same period, Elon was appointed as the CEO of Tesla.
Elon badly wanted his Tesla to succeed, so he recruited new team of employees.

He worked very hard to brand and market Tesla. Tesla which was previously unknown to the public came in news by launching model S, which gave competition to luxury sports cars in terms of performance and luxury.

This car was a record-breaker; it broke all records in terms of safety, performance, design and luxury.

The safest vehicle in history-

Tesla car was awarded a safety rating of 5.4 for 5 by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the highest rating for any automobile in history.

The car which once failed to even travel 80 kilometers now was updated to travel over 507 kilometers in a single charge.
This resulted in first time profits for Tesla and Tesla shares rocketed up.

Tesla also installed charging stations for Tesla all over the country and offered free charging for the car’s lifetime.
Now, Tesla manufactures autopilot cars, which requires no driver.

SolarCity shines-

Now, SolarCity has also improved its performance manifold to become the America’s largest solar service provider.

Finally, all the companies run by Elon have reached top-most positions in their respective fields.
This proved Elon Musk’s worth and work ethics to the world.

His thoughts on AI (Artificial Intelligence)-

Elon Musk is also a very progressive thinker, he is warning the dangers of Artificial Intelligence and robots to humanity. But many companies which are working on AI are not paying heed to Elon.

So, he started a new company by name Neuralink which is working on increasing human brain power, so it can compete with AI, and it also helps in combating diseases like Parkinsonism.
By using this technology in future, it will be a possibility to control our surroundings with our thoughts.

Elon Musk is a very good inventor, engineer, business man and a next generation genius.
He also runs other companies like OpenAI and the The Boring Company.
His companies contribute greatly to the cause of humanity and environment.


Elon has also developed a novel transportation technology, by name Hyperloop. Hyperloop uses vacuum to transport people in huge tubes, with the speed more than that of planes and in a very economically feasible way.

He is also planning to transport humans to any part of the earth within an hour by using rockets.
Also, he also is preparing to send humans to Mars.

From Rags to Riches-

So, this is the success story of Elon Musk who once lead his life with just a single dollar is now worth over 18.7 billion dollars.
He is the 100 most influential people as declared by Time magazine.

He has donated millions of dollars to numerous charity organisations.
He is also donating half of his wealth to The Giving Pledge program, which was started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.
Now, Elon Musk has garnered fans world-wide for his achievements and thinking.

Elon must is the most powerful visionary and a force who is changing our world in a more positive way.

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