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Top Smartphone and Technology myths- Demystified

A person using a smartphone
A person using a smartphone (Picture credit: pexels from pixabay

Smartphones are one of the most frequently used things by the people all around the world. As with the popularity of smartphones the myths surrounding them has also risen disproportionately. These myths do more harm than good. Welcome to Youth motivator, by reading this article you will be surprised to know the number of myths surrounding smartphones and technology.

Myth 1:  You must buy a mobile with higher MP (Mega Pixels) to capture good quality photos.
Explanation: The picture quality is only dependent on the number megapixels- this is the most common myth in the minds of smartphone users all over the world. 12 MP cameras or cameras which fall around that range of megapixels give best result, as seen in case of high end mobile phones manufactured by Apple, Samsung and Google.
The cameras with 24 MP may perform better in heavily lit areas, outdoor light and in bright light but they struggle in low light areas or in indoor conditions as they don’t have enough space to let the light in to fall on the sensor. The only advantage of cameras with higher megapixels is that the picture quality does not deteriorate while zooming. The 12 MP cameras perform well in both the outdoor and indoor conditions.

Myth 2: The smartphone with enormous amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) performs excellently.

Explanation- Smartphones now-a-days boast of RAMs of 8 GB and 10 GB, especially gaming smart phones, which burn a large hole in the pockets of users for minimal improvement in performance in comparison to the regular smartphones. Even though smartphones with 6 GB of RAM are more than enough for multi-tasking and gaming, smartphones with enormous amount of RAM is not necessary, because the Android Operating System cannot fully utilize that copious amount of RAM. Even though 8 GB of RAM is unnecessary in current scenarios, it helps the phone to future proof when you plan to use your phone for more than 3 years.

Myth 3: Before charging your smartphone and laptops you have to discharge it to zero per cent.
Explanation: Modern lithium ion batteries in smartphones do not require this treatment; this kind of approach damages the battery. To protect your mobile battery do not allow it to drop below 15 per cent and it is completely OK to do top-up charges now and then.

Myth 4- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be turned off when not in usage to save battery life.
Explanation- It is not necessary to turn them off, because the modern smartphones have become exceptionally well in conserving power during idle state that the difference between turning those off and not turning them off is very negligible. Turning Bluetooth off frequently causes inconvenience when using Bluetooth headsets or speakers.

Myth 5- Latest system updates result in butter smooth performance.
Explanation- Though this case is true in some cases like that of Android One mobile phones by Google, in which Google thoroughly optimises its software to match with the hardware of the phone, due to which almost no bugs will result. But in other cases, most other mobile manufacturers do not properly optimise their software during software release time, which creates new bugs which in turn result in deterioration of performance. (But installing security patches is important as it increases the security of the device but will not introduce bugs). So, it is recommended to check the mobile community forums to identify any bugs and install the update only when they had been fixed.

Myth 6: Smartphones cannot be tracked once they are turned to airplane mode or switched off.
Explanation- Even if you discard the SIM card, your phone can be traced with the help of identifiers. Some malicious apps developed by hackers, trick you that once you turn off your mobile, the phone is completely turned off, but in reality they function as in normal state and allow the  hackers to do their business. The only way to stop tracking of your mobile is to remove battery if in case your phones has removable battery, but now-a-days most phones come with in-built battery which cannot be removed. The positive side is that this tracking helps in curbing the criminal activities by security forces.

Myth 7: The charging speed of smartphones can be increased by turning on the airplane mode.
Explanation- The difference in charging speeds between turning them off and not turning them off is very minute. Also, one will miss important calls and texts by doing that. If you want to charge your smartphone rapidly use fast charger, if your phone supports them or completely switch off your phone.

Myth 8: More the cores in computers and smartphones, the faster the performance.
Explanation: Only the number of cores in devices does not judge their performance, it is dependent on many other factors. Take for example, many Android phones with octa core or even deca core processors get beaten down by Apple’s i-phone’s dual core processors.

Myth 9: Mobile phones should not be used at gas station or petrol bunks.
Explanation:  One can use his phone freely at those areas without any fear (except if there are any restrictions by authorities); it was just an old regulation which is now out-dated. The use of mobile devices at fuel stations doesn’t cause any harm.

Myth 10: Mobile devices interfere with radio signals of aeroplanes and may result in crashing of aeroplane.
Explanation: This has not been proven to happen that signals from mobiles interfere with that of aeroplanes because both are completely different technologies.

Myth 11: To get more battery backup on your mobile, you must purchase phones with big mAh batteries
Explanation: The battery life is more dependent on the software optimisation, hardware components, operating system and the amount of bloat preinstalled in your phone. The battery capacity is only one of the deciding factors in battery backup of your mobile but it is not the only factor.
Furthermore, the mobile phones with higher battery capacities tend to be bulky, heavier than normal phones and can strain the hands when used for extended periods of time. Some mobile phones with lower mAh batteries provide more battery back-up then bigger mAh mobiles.

Myth 12: One must use only the charger bundled along with his smartphone.
Explanation: You can safely charge your smartphone with the other branded chargers. If you are planning to buy fast charger for a phone with Qualcomm’s fast charge support, buy only the charger approved by Qualcomm. Also remember to use a good quality cable, as a bad quality cable results in slow charging of mobile.

Myth 13: Charging mobile overnight damages the battery.
Explanation: It is a complete myth, modern smartphones has auto cut-off feature, which prevents overcharging of mobiles.

Myth 14: Task killer apps improve the performance and one must kill recent apps or apps in memory frequently.
Explanation: But the above practice will consume more battery as the apps must be reloaded upon opening and have negative effect on performance. Modern day operating systems are smart enough to maintain these tasks on their own. This practice was necessary for very old mobiles with 1 GB of RAM, but modern smart phones that have around 6 GB of RAM, if running tasks are frequently killed, the copious amount of RAM gets wasted. Both Android and Apple devices manage the memory very well on their own.

Myth 15: The more the signal bars in signal area, the better the signal.
Explanation:  This concept is true theoretically but in practical scenarios it is false. The signal strength depends upon various factors like population density in your area. To get better signals, aeroplane mode must be turned on and again must be turned off after a minute; it will enhance the signal reception of mobiles and allow faster downloading speeds.
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