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The Motivational Story of Jimmy Mistry of Della group

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell you the inspirational biography of Jimmy Mistry, the founder of Della group.


During his initial days he even struggled for proper food, sometimes he even didn’t have the money to even purchase snacks. During his initial days, he used to run a garage to repair bikes but it was closed because of lack of funds.
But now with his sheer hard work he had built a multi-billion business empire. He is a multi-talented business man, designer, hotelier, and architect. He believes in honest hard work. Currently, he employs nearly 2000 people and now is a billionaire.
 After failing as a bike mechanic, he arrived in Mumbai to start his own business and for investment he sold his bike. And started pest control business in residential areas, soon he got good orders from big corporates and was working for a lot of flats, buildings, and societies. He also ventured into water-tank disinfecting business and plumbing. And in 1993, he began contracting business.

Mistry soon understood the void in lack of international design furniture in India as people were ready to afford them but there were no providers. He got an offer from then the world’s second leading furniture Company by name Ollivetti Synthesis.
Afterwards he travelled to Italy in the year 1996 to buy furniture from Italian companies and sell them in India. He soon garnered orders from at least 27 Italian companies. He imported furniture which well-suited to Indian culture and conditions. He gained immense experience in design and business from this.
But he never studied architecture; he dropped out of diploma in mechanical engineering, only due to passion, he learnt all the necessary things. In the year 2000, he started his own interior designing business and thus competed with his suppliers from whom he used to import furniture.
Mistry wishes Indian designers and architects to get global exposure and learn constantly, as many prestigious projects in India are being done by foreign designers; Indian architects are losing out due to lack of expertise.

Mistry became a very successful business man because he had chosen his passion as his profession and had leadership qualities with urge to grow. He also values the kind of work people put up, not their education qualifications.
He comes from a very modest family, his father worked in Sarabhai Chemicals for 33 years with dedication. His mother was an entrepreneur and also a teacher. After working in school, she used to run a beauty parlour business in his home. He got the entrepreneurship motivation by observing his mother.
He is very thankful to his family as his family understood his passion and supported him.

Mistry is encouraging many young entrepreneurs with open arms, as he supported some of his employees who started their own businesses ethically. He says that every individual has right to start his own business and there is no rule which states that if one started working for others, he must continue this throughout his life, one’s life is his own choice.
He says that one must strive to add value to others lives, so that this world can become a better place to live.
He recounts that the first generation entrepreneurs always face financial difficulties, they don’t have dearth of ideas but have dearth of financial support. He says that new generation entrepreneurs must work to build trust, so that they can gain financial support from the people or organisations.

Mistry gives a wise advice to entrepreneurs that immense stress in inevitable in the world of business as money is involved, and one must condition himself to absorb this stress.
He stresses that developing spirituality is a must to combat stress. And also the skill of delegation and micromanagement are very crucial for success.
He incurs motivation from the words of JRD TATA (who was chairman of Tata Group and the shareholder of Tata Sons) who says- “no success or achievement in material terms shall be considered worthwhile unless it serves the needs or interests of the community, country and its people and is achieved by fair and honest means”
He is very grateful to people who taught him basics of doing business.
 One of the most inspiring quotes of Mistry is – “Welcome to the world of organised chaos. I defy the tyranny of precedent. I cannot afford the luxury of a closed mind”.

Contributions of Jimmy Mistry-

         He also runs a school of over 120 kids. Also he adopted two schools, where children are provided        with world-class practical education.

One notable thing is that he also employs local people even though they do not belong to his niche, he provides them with necessary training and employs them in his organisation.

Mistry built the first adventure park in India by name Della Adventure Park in Maharashtra, as he is an utmost adventure enthusiast.

He also built India’s first counter-terrorism training academy by name DATA which trains general public in counter-terrorism, so that they can survive if any terrorist activities happen. This academy employs army commandos, colonels, etc. who contribute their valuable insights to this academy. This academy also teaches real world and jungle survival techniques.

He also established a finishing school for teenagers, so that these students can survive any conditions in any part of the world.
He is giving back to his society and country in more than one way.

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