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The Inspirational Life Story of Soichiro Honda

Soichiro Honda
Soichiro Honda (Picture credit: Roderick Eime from flickr)
Welcome to Youth Motivator, in this article I will tell you the motivational life story of Soichiro Honda.


Soichiro Honda was born at 17 November 1906 in Japan, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. His father worked in a small garage, little Honda used to help his father repair motorcycles. 
This sparked interest in his mind to pursue engine mechanics.

The problems faced by Soichiro Honda in his initial school days-

·    He initially struggled with poverty, raging by his class mates and seniors; he frequently encountered   ill-health.
·    He struggled with inferiority complex; no one including himself thought that in the future he would   become a great person.
·    Initially he was a poor student in both studies and sports; also he looked very short and frail.
·    His classmates used to tease him by throwing his food into the nearby drain.

This incident which changed the life of Honda-

Once he asked his school mates to teach him swimming. They then decided to tease him, so his school mates advised him to engulf live Medaka fish, making him to believe that he would automatically learn swimming by ingesting it.
Medaka fish is a long fish which is known to cause severe abdominal cramping; thereby resulting in deaths and even experienced swimmers cannot tolerate its effects.
Poor Honda did it as they said, but the fish started to show its effect. He was then seen drowning into the water and he encountered a life threatening situation. 
He understood that his own classmates intentionally cheated him. Upon this realisation, he gained immense strength and with confidence he was able to survive his life and reach the shore. 
This self-confidence then continued throughout his life.

 At the age of 15 years, he left his small village in search of greener pastures to Tokyo. His talented was proved when at just at 17 years of age he developed a race car that broke all the pre-existing records. He set up his own company at during the year 1937. 
His company was set up to manufacture piston rings. His company got contract from another Japanese car firm named Toyota. 
But unfortunately he couldn’t make it because of quality issues. So to gain insights on the engines, he joined engineering school. After 2 years of learning and from his correction of previous mistakes, he succeeded in mass producing piston rings to Toyota.

Honda is considered to be the most innovative player in the automotive industry. The Honda’s famous tagline is- The power of dreams. They just don’t limit themselves to making profits but exhibit exceptional rarity in their performance. 
This is one of the Japanese companies which won the hearts of many people all around the world.

Honda motorcycles-

After the end of the world war, he designed motorcycles with the engines and machineries which were left behind after the war was over. He created the Honda Company in collaboration with Takeo Fujisawa. 
He redesigned traditional four stroke engine in order to increase their horse power. 
Honda developed racing motorcycles, which won almost all the prizes in racing completions all around the world.
But in 1936, he unfortunately met a racing accident which severed his left eye but it was not a limiting factor to Honda’s future achievements.
He spent many sleepless nights perfecting cars. Honda later on captured the American automobile market due to his engineering excellence, which resulted in less pollution, more performance giving tough completion to his American counterparts. 
Honda was the first car manufacturer to sport on-board navigation system.

Current Position of Honda-

Today, Honda is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cars and motorbikes, thanks to Honda’s huge investment in Research and Development. 
Honda led the automotive industry by focussing on renewable fuel sources, like Honda Dream, a solar powered car which won the largest solar car race.
Honda also produces a wide range of products ranging from lawn mowers, generators, aircrafts, and robots just to name a few. In the year of 1989, Soichiro Honda was inaugurated into the American Automobile Hall of Fame.

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