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The Motivational Story of Kiran Kumar- A Golden Entrepreneur

Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar (Picture credit: Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell you about a company which is successfully operating with just 1 per cent profit margin and the man behind the success of one of the India’s greatest jewelry brand.
This article is the biography of  Kiran Kumar.


Kiran Kumar was born in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. His ancestors came from Rajasthan. He hails from a very poor family, which even struggled for food, during which he realized the importance of money, which made him to enter into business.
Kiran Kumar is the owner of Lalithaa jewelers limited. His showrooms are present all across the south India and are providing the best user experience, workmanship and value for money products to all its customers. The annual turnover of this company is around 10 crores. In the year 1983, Lalithaa jewelry was started, Kiran took it over in the year 1999.
He got interested in the gold business from a very young age of 12 years. He started his career as a small goldsmith, and now he became a billionaire, by his sheer hard work and dedication.
His advertisement began viral on social media in which challenges anyone to find the products with high quality and fewer prices than theirs, he says that one can take a picture of the gold ornament and receive its estimate and can compare with any other gold company in India and then, decide which is the best value for money product.
The attachment of Indian women with their jewels   is so strong that while purchasing a jewel piece, a mother thinks about its suitability to her future generation, like how it appears on her daughter or daughter-in-law, etc.
During his initial stages, he sold his mother jewelry for investment and started his business with that money. And he made some gold ornament and he went to Chennai to sell them, where he met with Lalithaa jewelers, who encouraged him by purchasing his items and also placed huge orders with him.
He is very grateful to Lalithaa jewelry which gave him first business opportunity, so when Lallitha jewelry was in crisis he helped the company and its employees by overtaking it. During his initial days, Lalithaa jewelers encouraged him by purchasing his gold ornaments as they were of high quality and workmanship.
He used to receive huge orders from Lalithaa jewelers, in order to meet the high demand he used to work hard for 18 hours daily. After becoming a reputable goldsmith, he received huge orders from almost all the major jewelry houses across India.
With his expertise, he saved Lalithaa jewelers from the brink of bankruptcy, and within few years, this brand began to gain huge profits, all thanks to the efforts of Kiran Kumar.
He expanded his business all over India. All the products sold in his showrooms are certified by the Government Body- BIS Hallmark.
He is able to afford his products at affordable price by mainly focusing on reducing wastage and by not encouraging commission model.
He is a very down to earth person who is comfortable with his bald head appearing in public and advertisements alike. When many of his competitors are employing actors and actresses to act as brand ambassadors to their companies, this man became brand ambassador for his own company, so that the profits can be passed to his customers.
His business model envied his competitors, who began to threat him but he defied them as his only motto is to provide customers the best value for money.
He proved that any achievement is possible with hard work and is a motivational figure to current generation of entrepreneurs.
For his exhaustive research in gold business, he was awarded doctorate by VELS University and was also honored with the Outstanding Young Indian Award.
He passes his knowledge of tips and tricks of buying gold to consumers, through strong marketing.
Then, he was one of the India’s biggest wholesalers, and now he had grown as the India’s biggest retailer.

Notable contributions of Kiran Kumar to the society-

·         He is building schools and hospitals in his native village located in Rajasthan.
·         All his branches contribute to the funds which amount in billions to the welfare of our society.
·         In the year 2018, he took an applaudable decision, that from 2018 he will contribute half of his revenue to non-profit organisations.

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