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The Inspiring Story of Sreekant Bolla- The Blind CEO who founded Bollant Industries

Sreekant Bolla
Sreekant Bolla (Picture credit: Wikipedia

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell you about a blind person who has achieved great success with his confidence and persistence. 
Even when society treated him cruelly, he gave back his valuable contributions to the society and helped to motivate the physically handicapped people all around the world. 
This article is the biography of Srikanth Bolla.
Even though he was hated by the society his parents always supported his endeavours and stood by his back.
Srikanth Bolla was born blind and from his childhood he was widely discriminated by the society. 
He at a very young age established a company worth many billions, which even normal people find very difficult to do. Most of the people only think of doing great things but they lack the courage to realise their dreams, here you will know how a person with disability and constant humiliation by society achieved great feats at such a young age.
 He later on went to establish a company which not only proved his worth but he also employed numerous disabled people who were thought as a burden to the society to stand on their own feet with self-esteem.


Sreekant Bolla was born in a small village named Seetharampuram in the year 1991, Andhra Pradesh located in South India. When he was born, instead of being happy, his parents where dispirited. His parents were advised neighbourhood people to throw the infant away; otherwise he will become a burden on your shoulders.

 His parents were blamed for giving birth to such a baby and everybody concluded that it is the result of their sins. But his parents accepted that baby in the way in which he was born as a gift of god. His parents vowed themselves to take care of him until their deaths.  As he was born into a poor farmer family, it was difficult to even meet their basic needs, even though they never thought to get rid of the baby. 
Even though his parents were illiterates they knew the importance of education thus he was joined in the nearby school, but at school he was discriminated by the students and teachers alike.
He was always forced to sit on the last bench and was not even allowed to participate in any extra-curricular activities. 
He was looked down by everyone, so his father unable to bear the humiliation to his child, took him to his work at farm to help him in farming. But unfortunately, he was not able to assist his father. But fortunately his father realised his son’s passion for education, so he admitted him in the special school for blind in the nearby city.
 In that school he was able to perform well, he soon topped the class with his hard work and dedication. He even excelled at games like chess. After years of hard work he passed his school education with nearly 90 per cent.
 His parents were very happy of his son’s success and intelligence.
He wanted to join the science stream, but the higher education authorities rejected his application saying that blind people are unfit for science.
Srikanth was greatly disappointed with the proceedings in his life but he turned that disappointment into stubbornness to succeed and prove his worth to the people around the world who constantly shamed him for no valid reason. 
With the help of one of his kind teacher by name Sumalatha, he raised his voice against the regulation which does not allow blind people into groups like science. After a long fight of around 6 months, he won the case. 

Finally he got admitted to the science stream. He toiled day and night and studied hard to achieve 98 per cent which is very difficult even for a normal person to achieve, everyone around him were stunned by his performance. He was immensely helped by his Sumalatha teacher, who used to audio record the textbooks for him.
Even after so much success, he was again faced with let-down, when he applied for an entrance exam of a prestigious college by name Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and BITS. He was not allowed to write the entrance exam, instead of focussing on his many fabulous achievements the authorities focussed on only one defect he had, for which he was not responsible.
 Almost many of the Indian college closed doors on him. Then at that moment he decided that if he doesn’t deserve those colleges, that colleges also don’t deserve him.
Thankfully, he didn’t accept defeat, he with the help of the internet he applied to some American Universities, out of which four colleges were ready to admit him. He chose MIT to complete his graduation. He was the first blind person to pass out from that college. 
After which he was offered great jobs by many American companies. But, he due to love for his motherland chose not to settle in America but leave to his country with the thought of helping many blind people in India. He employed many such people without any discrimination. He established Bollant industries limited, and gained much respect from the society which initially thought him to be worthless.
He claims that he was always in top of every activity conducted in his school and has burning desire to succeed till date.  He also was a National level Cricketer during his school days.
 He became Youth Leader in Lead India Program organised by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India, where he started his social service during which he trained about 8 lakh students. He likes to be seen as a role model to differently abled children all across the world and inspire them to pursue their dreams.
 Today he is an inspirational figure to the youth and promotes the idea of entrepreneurship.  He criticises the Indian Education system which promotes mugging up of subjects without understanding the real meaning behind them. 
He says that as his parents were illiterates, they weren’t able to support him in his education related doubts, luckily that void was filled by his well –wishers who monetarily and financially supported him.
He proved that where there is a will there is a way, and if you believe in yourself then sky is the limit and nothing is impossible if you have the fire to succeed.  

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