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Smart Cops- How a single app is protecting the Society?

A police car
A police car (Picture credit: Alexas_Fotos from pixabay

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In this article you will know the role of modern technology employed to protect and safeguard people and their properties by police. Generally while going out of town, one will fear of thieves or burglars stealing or damaging their property, so many cancel their journey. 
In the state of Andhra Pradesh, located in South India, the police authorities have implemented a novel technology system called LHMS (Locked House Monitoring System). This app is freely available for download on Google Play Store.
As in the current times, the crime rate in society is increasing day-by-day; this kind of technology is more than useful.

Method of Working-

This system is a real-time surveillance system.
The person requiring this service has to apply by installing LHMS app on their mobile phone, they need not mention their address as the app will automatically detect the address with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System).
Then, you have to request for this service by visiting the nearby police station.
Later, the police will install a smart camera and that will be connected to the police surveillance control room. These cameras have special motion detection feature, so when a thief or unknown person enters home, this system will alert the police, and they can view the criminals even in complete darkness. Another useful feature is that the applicant can see live streaming on his mobile phone on the go.
These smart cameras are truly wireless; they   come with SIM card slot and can transmit information to the Police control room in real time. Hundreds of police force has been assigned for this task all across the state of Andhra Pradesh. This system will alert the police within 3 minutes of entering of criminals and also the picture of the criminal will be captured. Then, the police will quickly reach the place and catch hold  the criminals.

This system was launched in the year 2017 by then district collector after successful completion of the pilot project. Millions of people are making use of this system and are peacefully travelling to their destinations. This system is inciting confidence about the capabilities of the police.
This kind of system should be implemented all over the world.

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