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The Motivational Story of Harekala Hajabba- Realising the Real Value of Education

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell you a very inspirational story of a poor fruit vendor who realised the real value of education and helped his community by building a school. 
Today due to his efforts, many children who had no access to education are going to school and getting educated. He is really playing a pivotal role in transforming rural education system in India.
This article is the biography of Harekala Hajabba.


This article is all about Harekala Hajabba, a small fruit vendor who sells oranges for a living, in Mangalore, Karnataka, India.  Hajabba was born in a very poor family in rural village by name New Papdu which is located in Karnataka.
Due to financial constraints of his family, he was forced in child labor at a very young age where he had to roll tobacco.  But unfortunately, a flood destroyed his hut forcing him to shift to Mangalore, where he started to sell oranges. 
He sells fruits in nearby villages, as Mangalore is located near Bangalore- the Silicon Valley of India, many foreigners visit nearby cities and villages.

Once a foreigner asked him the price of his fruits, to which he was unable to reply as he did not know English. At that moment he realised the sorry state of affairs of illiterate people and realised the importance of education. 
At that night, he was unable to sleep and then decided that no one should be let down like himself due to lack of education.
He experienced many hardships all because lack of education, which made him realise the importance of education.
He thought that if in his village if a school would have been there, he would have been educated. At that moment, he decided to build a school. But then, he realised that for rich people such works like building school is easy but he being a very small fruit vendor, it is very much difficult to realise his dream.
He realised that money is very important to build school, so he began to work daily for two extra hours, and save the money for school. He even asked for donations but unfortunately many declined helping him. 
After some months he accumulated some wealth, then he arranged a gathering with his fellow villagers and then asked that we are rolling tobacco, our ancestors did the same work, do you want our future generations to do the same work? Let us help our children to get educated and help them to settle in more meaningful jobs.
Then, he said that I have saved some money by daily working overtime, with this money let us build a school. But most of the people laughed and said that that sum is not sufficient as you do not earn much. Then with whatever he had saved he built a small room which used to function as a school. 
Then, he became popular thanks to the local newspapers and social media. As a result, his application for loan with government for school was hastened. And government helped him with one lakh rupees. 
He had also been helped by few philanthropists. With their help, he built a big school in the year 2000, which is known as Hajabba School. He is dearly known as ' Akshara Santa' meaning the saint of letters. And he is also planning to build a college.
Another great thing to be noted that he still sells fruits even after receiving funds, so that he can still contribute on his part to the society.
His achievements have been well applauded and have been made a textbook lesson in the nearby state Kerala and also Mangalore University has admitted the success story of Hajjabba in its programme.
He has also been awarded Real Heroes award by CNN.

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