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Myths about one of the most Lucrative Career options- Debunked

Myths about one of the most Lucrative Career options- Debunked

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Hello everyone, welcome to Youth Motivator. This article helps me to motivate youngsters of the most ignored career option which is easily accessible to them from their own devices like computers and smart phones. These kind of myths demotivate youngsters all over the world and prevent them of a good opportunity.
The richest blogger in world and India who earns handsome pay check at the added convenience of working from their home: 
Arianna Huffingto who runs HuffPost is the richest blogger in the world with net worth of $1,000,000,000 (70,31,70,00,000.00 Indian Rupees).
Amit Agarwal is the richest blogger in India who runs Labnol website. He earns 30 lakh rupees per month. To know about another famous Indian blogger please visit- Amit Bhawani
Most of the popular bloggers earn in millions if not billions, one must learn how to become a popular blogger.

Myth: Blogging is for everyone and anyone can blog about any random topics.

Explanation: Basically, there are two groups of people, the first group can understand well but cannot explain to others and the second group of people cannot completely understand the topic but they can explain it to others by adding their personal experiences and wisdom, out of these two groups the second group should chose blogging career, the good news is that the first group can update their skillsets and enter blogging.
Even if you become a popular blogger, if you periodically blog random unrelated topics, then you might lose your loyal viewers. A viewer with particular interest will check your blog to fulfil his requirement for knowledge, if you disappoint him, ultimately you will lose out. One must keep in mind his reader’s interests, and then only your readers will read your blog and share them with likeminded people.
In blogging one must have good writing skills and good oral communication is not at all required.
One need not learn all the areas of blogging to start a good blog, like Marketing, SEO(Search Engine Optimisation), etc. he can learn them later on when he starts blogging regularly, he can spend daily  a good quality of time and efforts to learn them on a regular basis, otherwise his career growth would be delayed.

Myth: You must get high number of visitors and views on your blog to get AdSense approval, and you must produce most number of blogs.

Explanation: think this topic in this way, for example consider yourself as the AdSense owner and you have been assigned with a task of marketing a motivational speech by a famous personality by one of your client. And if 10 bloggers approach you, out of which 9 bloggers do blogging on technology and smart  phones and only one blogger blogs on motivational  and inspirational thoughts, with whom do you prefer to advertise?. Exactly you guessed it right, you will consider only the motivational blogger. So, it is advised to research on market trends and upcoming trends beforehand before starting a blogging career. It is advised to choose categories in which more advertisements appear, like Technology, Digital Marketing, etc.
Even if you produce 10 unique blogs with exceptional quality which receive reasonable amount of viewers and adds value to their lives, AdSense by Google is ready to offer you approval and payments.
Even if you choose less popular topics like cancer, etc. and produce high quality blogs on a regular basis, then even if 100 visitors visit your blog you might earn good money. Basically it all boils down on how you understand your readers, their passions and wishes.
One must primarily focus on his niche and core idea to get succeed.

Myth: WordPress is better than blogger.

WordPress (Picture credit: simplu27 from pixabay

Explanation: the most common doubt in the minds of people is if I blog on Wordpress, will I get more traffic, will AdSense approval take no time, etc. the one and only dependent factor is the quality of your content and its usability to the general public. If your content is exceptionally good, you would succeed on any platform let it be Blogger or WordPress. The world’s majority of bloggers initially started blogging on but later some of them switched to WordPress for Plugins, which eases their task.  
If you are a novice blogger, than blogger by Google is more than enough. Additionally, blogger is the most user friendly blogging software by Google in the world.
One must toil hard and must invest his mental energy and must have good time management skills to thrive in blogging field. If you combine your passion with your profession, than you have a cent per cent chance of succeeding. And one can gain satisfaction of helping people through blogging and the blogger can even earn good profits.

 Thank you very much for reading. Please visit and share the content and please follow this blog as I will be updating my blog on a very regular basis with interesting information. Feedback from readers is highly appreciated; it helps me to deliver better results to you.
Once again thank you for your time.


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