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The Inspiring Story of Arunima Sinha- Conquering Mount Everest with Disability

Arunima Sinha
Arunima Sinha (Picture credit: Wikipedia

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell the inspiring tale of Arunima Sinha.
This article is the biography of Arunima Sinha.


Arunima Sinha was born on 20 July 1988 in Uttar Pradesh, India and was a state level football and volley ball player.

The Fateful day:

In the year 2011, she was travelling from Lucknow to Delhi to participate in an event, then an unfortunate incident occurred, she was mercilessly pushed from a moving train by a gang of robbers, when she resisted giving her gold chain to them.
Arunima was helpless as even though the train was packed with people, no one came forward to protect her from thieves.
Unluckily, another train was running in the nearby track, with which she collided.
After a while, when she tried to get up, she noticed that her limb was lost and blood was oozing out and her other leg was severely fractured and bones came out and her spine was badly fractured.
Arunima was screaming all night for help but to no avail. Soon she lost her sight, she used to sense trains by feeling the vibration of trains. Almost 50 trains passed by her.
After a while, rodents started to bite her body, she was fully conscious but her body gave away.

Next morning, she was noticed by some villagers, who transferred her to a local hospital, where doctors and medical professionals were discussing that they lacked blood for blood transfusion, anaesthesia, etc. they were worried on how to start treatment. She was able to hear their conversations; she called them to continue their treatment as she badly wanted to live.             
Then, the doctor and pharmacist donated their blood to save her life. And the doctor amputated her limb without any anaesthesia. Till day, she remembers that pain.
When her news reached media, Arunima was transferred to a better hospital AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) trauma centre, in Delhi.
She was treated in that hospital for  over four months, and when she recovered a little  bit, she came across newspapers, which for gaining views wrote false news on her, as she did not  have a ticket, so she jumped out of train and another newspaper said that she attempted suicide by jumping out of a moving train.
Luckily, her family members stood by her side and condemned this false news.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

She then, decided on the hospital bed, that she will prove her worth by climbing Mount Everest, which was a very tough decision.
When Arunima put forth her idea, many people thought that she was crazy and demotivated her, by saying that her legs were damaged, one leg was prosthetic and another leg was fitted with rods, also spine was fractured.

Everyone was noticing her physical disability but no one had any idea of her mental strength.

She says that when you set a proper goal in your life no one can stop you from achieving it.

She was then taken to Bachendri Pal, who reached the summit of Mount Everest in the year 1984 for guidance in mountaineering.
Arunima directly went to meet her from hospital, with fresh stitches on her legs.
She was affirmed by Bachendri Pal for her decision; she was the only person apart from Arunima’s family to have confidence in her. For Arunima, climbing Mount Everest was easy compared to the difficulties she faced in her life.

Then, Arunima went for training to climb the mountain. When she walked from road head to the base camp, it took her 3 hours; a normal healthy person would cover that distance in less than 10 minutes because her right leg’s bones were still not properly united and her left prosthetic leg was swollen and the wound was still fresh. And when she tried to walk, blood started to ooze out from her legs.
She took her mountain climbing training here, then, after a period of 8 months luckily she got a sponsorship and went on to conquer Mount Everest. Where, she was the fastest person in her group to climb Mount Everest.
But her seraph was not ready to help her because of her health condition, but after long negotiations, he reluctantly agreed.

When Arunima started to climb the mountains, her prosthetic leg used to slip on ice. She however climbed till camp 3, but when she tried to climb camp 4, she noticed many mountaineers dying and many dead bodies.
When, she climbed up from camp 4, she noticed heaps of dead bodies, she even noticed a Bangladesh citizen wavering his hand, asking for help.  She noticed him to die after a few minutes due to lack of oxygen, she felt very fearful, but even then, she determined to mount.
Arunima wanted to help him but was not able to do so, then the decided that she will climb Mount Everest on behalf of all these people.
When, she reached south summit which is a little far away from Mount Everest, she was warned by her Seraph to descend as her oxygen was getting depleted.
She did not want to miss reaching the top of Mount Everest, so she decided to move towards her goal.
She thought that she came this far, why can’t she reach the top which is a little far away?
After, one hour she was on the crown of Mount Everest.

She proved that physical disability is not a big issue but mental disability is a huge problem, which makes even able bodied men disabled.

Arunima then realised that at 8848 feet, she was getting short of oxygen and even then she recorded her achievement in camera, so that even if she dropped dead, she can prove the world that she achieved her objective.
She achieved this feat by her self-confidence within a year after the incident occurred in which she severely damaged her legs.
Many people lose their lives during descending from Mount Everest. When she started descending Mount Everest, shortly her oxygen got completely depleted.
Luckily, she found an oxygen cylinder which was disposed by a British climber who had another oxygen cylinder.
But unfortunately, her prosthetic limb came out completely, and one of her hand was losing sensation due to ice-cold temperature. Then, she secured her leg with the rope and in a cave she fitted her prosthetic leg.
She turned her weaknesses into her greatest strength.

Other Achievements by Arunima

She conquered the Africa’s highest mountain- Mount Kilimanjaro, Europe’s Elbrus and Mount Vinson in Antarctica, in Europe, Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia, Kosciuszko in Australia, and Aconcagua in Argentina.
Arunima also received many awards like Padma Shri, Tenzing Norgay,etc.

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