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Most Practical Solutions to Prevent Overheating of Smartphones

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to share some useful tips to prevent the overheating of smartphones.

A person holding a smartphone
A person holding a smartphone (Picture credit: from pexels
 As the mobile phones are slim devices which are very densely packed with numerous components that they do not have sufficient surface area to dissipate heat effectively, so they usually tend to get warm. Fortunately, most of the modern smart phones do not exhibit overheating, if your mobile does, may be something is faulty with your particular mobile unit, just replace it.

During the summer season, heating up of smart phone is a very common issue. If possible during summer charge your mobile phone before 9 AM or after 7 PM, as after 9AM the temperature increases rapidly.

The smart phone users in cold countries might not experience this heating issues, but smartphone heating is very common in countries like India.

To know the temperature (battery temperature) install app by name battery temperature from Play store or dial *#*#4636#*#* in your dialler app and select battery option to know the battery temperature(only for Android), remember this battery temperature by dialler method might not work in all the mobiles.

Difference between overheating and warming- 

Temperatures up to 42 degree Celsius (107 degrees Fahrenheit ) can be considered as warm temperatures but any temperature above 42 degrees is overheating.

Overheating of mobile leads to faster degradation of battery and also cause drop in mobile phone performance or speed due to throttling.

Reasons for over-heating of mobiles-

·         Playing heavy graphic intensive games like PUBG which really stresses the mobile phones.
·         Using mobile under direct sunlight.
·         Using mobile cases which interfere with normal heat dissipation of mobiles.

·         Shooting high resolution videos (4K), slow motion and time-lapse videos for an extended period of time.
·         Poor optimisation of software with hardware, it can be easily fixed with OTA (Over The Air) software updates.

·         Using 4G data continuously for a very long period.
·         The apps which consume most of the battery (to know this type of apps, check out battery usage or consumption settings).

·         Poor internet connection.
·         Quick charge (can cause temperature to spike above 10 degrees Celsius).
·         Using brightness much above the required level (it also affects your eyes in a negative way).

Negative effects of heating on mobile phones-

·         Throttling- The algorithms of the smartphones are implemented in such a way that the performance of the mobile become slower upon overheating to prevent  any damage to its components.

Tips to prevent overheating of mobiles-

·         Remove the mobile case while charging.
·         Turn on the internet only when necessary. If possible use Wi-Fi as it heats up the mobile phone to a lesser extent when compared to data connection.

·         Uninstall or force stop unnecessary apps which consume more RAM. If you haven’t used an app for more than 2 weeks it should be uninstalled.

·         Install latest updates of operating system and apps, because in latest versions of the applications and operating systems bugs which cause overheating of smartphone, might have been fixed.
·         If you have confidence that you will not drop your mobile, then the use of mobile cases is unnecessary, in addition to adding to overall weight of mobile, it also interferes with normal heat dissipation system of mobile.

·         Don’t use your smartphone while charging for tasks such as gaming.

Remember that warming up of mobile during charging is an inevitable process; you can’t do anything about that.

When you use a phone with plastic or polycarbonate body and switch to phone with metallic back, do not consider that the mobile is overheating, it is just dissipating the heat a bit faster, as metals are very good conductors of heat when compared to plastic or polycarbonate backs.

If your budget permits purchase mobile with Heat pipes, which allow better dissipation of heat.

Before purchasing a mobile please do research whether the mobile exhibits overheating or not.
Thank you very much for reading.
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Once again thank you for your time.


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