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Let's trickle down the Technological Memory Lane

An iPhone
An iPhone

Welcome to Youth Motivator. I would like to tell you about the evolution of technology over time and how is modern technology rapidly replacing old technologies for good.


Obsolete gadgets that were once popular some 20 years ago can be potentially replaced by a single smart mobile device, thanks to the rapid advancements in technology and communication field, also Internet of Things (IoT) is going to play a pivotal role in the near future.
But a small portion of the population in the world still uses them, as a result they lose their valuable working hours and when compared to the present technology they seem to be many times slower.
Additionally, one must borne their repair maintenance s as they are old they encounter frequent repairs.

The list of some of the other old gadgets is as follows-

Atlas, Maps and Globe- Manufacturing them causes deforestation as they have to be made of paper. Additionally, since their life cycle is very less because they are manufactured of paper. Now a days we have GPS (Global Positioning System) by which navigation can be made effortlessly. Even Google Maps provide provision to share offline maps. And going paper less is the real meaning of going green.


Although remotes are widely used now-a-days, a small sensor (Infra Red Blaster) in smart phones can potentially replace them.
Mobile phone manufacturers like Mi provide IR (Infra-Red) Blaster which can be used to effortlessly control various devices like Televisions, Air conditioners. 

·         Entry level digital cameras- As the smart phone camera technology is evolving at a rapid pace, the existence and usage of point and shoot camera is meaningless because the gap of photos taken between these two devices is negligible.  
      Additionally, one can easily post photos taken from their mobile phones into social media which is not the case with point and shoot cameras.  Also they cause burden to the user as they have to inevitably carry two devices - mobile device and camera, exceptions are DSLR cameras as to the current date they have edge over mobile phone cameras.
·         Alarm Clocks- Modern phones can easily replace alarms as they provide much more features to consumers. As in mobile phone alarms one can easily set his/her favourite alarm tone, can snooze them easily and also can add label to alarm like - Good Morning, Time to wake up, Time to take medication, Time to exercise, etc which are not available in traditional alarm clocks. One must also undergo the hassle of replacing the batteries of traditional alarm.

·        Compact Disc (CD) - These devices contain around 700 MB of storage space which by today's standards are peanuts. These are mainly used in colleges and universities by students to submit project thesis, even though there are many better and newer alternatives like E-mailing, etc.
      Also  the laptops are getting slimmer year by year for aesthetic and for becoming light weight purposes, manufactures have to cram extra hardware to run CDs. Additionally, these slots get damaged when a small grain of sand or any particulate matter  enters into them.

·     Dial up internet - As the world is rapidly advancing toward 5G era and broadband connections, a survey estimates that at least 3% of American population uses Dial up connection. Dial up data speed  averages at 50 Kbps which is very slow.

·         VHS Tapes: These are used to play movies in VCR, additionally these are also used in mini handy cameras. They provide insufficient storage, in present generation even a small memory card beats them by a big margin.
·         Pager: A small messaging app beats pager, but they are still being employed in some industries.

·     Personal Digital Assistant (PDA): A long time ago business-men were using them, they were used to maintain calendar and jot down notes. But now Google Calendar and Google Keep applications with their cross-platform support between Windows PC and Android beats them hands down. Now- a-days, courier delivery and ware- house store keeping personnel use them. Smart phones can easily replace PDA thanks to PDA's thick form factor and lower resolution displays.

·         Land line phones: During previous time these were rare commodities as they were present in scarce quantities like one landline per colony or one landline per village. Now a days, these are being rapidly replaced by mobile phones because of extra cost they incur, like each family member has a mobile with internet connection, so land line phones are difficult to maintain. A mobile phone with massive battery like 4000- 5000 mAh, can act as landline phone as its battery typically lasts for 3-4 days when used only for calls. But even now a days some people take new land line connections.

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Once again thank you for your time.


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