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The Inspiring Story of Amit Bhawani

The story is all about Amit Bhawani Patel who is earning a huge amount of money by blogging. All over the world particularly in developing countries like India, majority of the youth is facing unemployment problem, so this article is aimed to promote entrepreneurship feeling among them.
This article is the biography of Amit Bhavani.

Dollar notes
Dollar notes (Picture credit: gorartser from pixabay

Introduction -About Amit:

Currently Amit is earning more than many CEOs and government employees. Please read on how to become an employer and provide jobs.
Amit Bhavani was born on 4th April 1984.  He is the founder of PhoneRadar & TripRazer websites.
He currently resides at Hyderabad Area, Telangana State, India.
His formal education includes degree in commerce from Osmania University.
He is owner of three companies- Digital World Solutions, HostBrains Software Private Limited, The Seo World.
According to his Linked In profile he specialised in numerous fields like SEO Expert, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimist, Blogger, Professional Blogger, Pro Blogger, etc.
He is also the Editor- In- Chief at PhoneRadar.

According to the Business Insider website:

His income channel consists of Adsense, direct paid advertising and affiliate marketing.
And his India rank by Alexa is around 18,753. His monthly income is greater than Rs15,00,000 month which is equivalent to 21,473.25 United States Dollars. 

He entered the world of blogging as a full time blogger in the year 2005.He is one of the most successful people in India and can be considered a true patriotic as he earns considerable income, he pays Income Tax which in turn helps to build and develop India.
He motivated many new generation bloggers. He is one of the most reputable bloggers who is famously known all over the world. He very well proved that being internet based entrepreneur one can earn considerable income. He is motivating many entrepreneurs through his fabulous achievements.

He is a good example to prove that making huge profits with minimal monetary investment is a very good possibility. Amit proved that sky is the limit if correct potential is present.

More about Amit Bhavani-

His dream is to meet Elon Musk, let’s hope that his dream gets fulfilled very soon. Also he is the proud owner of Tesla model 3 car.
His favorite actors include Amitabh Bachchan, Sharukh Khan, and Hrithik Roshan.
He also maintains many mini websites on AmitBhawani.Com. website.
His favourite You Tubers include Geeky Ranjit, Technical Guruji, Arun Prabhudesai, Ashwin from C4E Tech (who is also my personal favourite).

Thank you very much for reading; this is my first blog post. Please visit and share the content and please follow this blog as I will be updating my blog on a very regular basis with interesting information.
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