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Compilation of Incredible and Less known facts about Google

Welcome to Youth Motivator. Almost everyone in the world uses Google daily and then you must be interested to know the less known amazing facts about Google.

Google (Picture credit: Lightman from pixabay

·         For mowing its lawns, Google employs  around 200 goats to graze at its Mountain View headquarters in California, thus reducing environmental impact of using lawn mowers.

·         Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin can land their private planes on NASA’s runway; they are the only ones to get this permission.
·         To increase its marketing revenue, Google purchased all the domain names which look similar to that of Google like So, if anyone by mistake types, they will be directed to
·         The name of their search engine initially was BackRub. But the Google founders due to their interest in mathematics renamed it to googol (the number 10 raised to the power 100 written out as the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros). But due to the domain name being unavailable, they named it as Google in 1997 and was officially registered.
·         Before the success of Google, their founders decided to sell off Google not expecting the extent of success it would gain in future. In 1998, they approached Yahoo to purchase Google for 1 million dollars but they rejected and a year later in 1999, they decided to sell to the world’s second largest search engine back then- for around 750,000 dollars.  

·         The unofficial slogan of Google is “Don’t be Evil”. Because Google handles a huge amount of personal data of people, so it suggests it employees to not be evil and use that information in unintended ways.
·         The first server of Google was made of little Legos in which Google’s data was being stored.
·         After the year 2010, on an average Google acquires one new company per week. Thus the Google portfolio consists of various companies. Google acquired above 200 companies some of them include Motorola, Boston dynamics, Jetpac, etc.
·         Per second Google receives around 63,000 searches, to handle such a huge demand, Google maintains its servers in many different countries all over the world.
·         The employees working for Google are called as Googlers. But new employees are reffered to as Nooglers.
·         Google was initially started as a college research project by its founders during the year 1996. It was initially started in a small garage.
·         The headquarters of Google is present in Mountain View, California, USA. The headquarters are also called as Google Plex.
·         Google initially developed PageRank technology, by which it a search engine was created. It helps to rank websites which show in the search results.
·         Almost all the employees working under Google became and will become millionaires.
·         The employees in Google office can wear casual attire and 20 per cent of the time in their working hours can be used for their own personal interests.
·         The most popular search engine in Google is Google search; it is the biggest search engine in the world followed by You Tube.

·         Google Adsense and Google Adwords are the programs which bring billions of  revenue to Google. Google earns its income through Google Adwords and it distributes its money through Google Adsense.
·         Google provides google analytics tool to the marketers, which help them to view how google mobilises their money.
·         Google Lunar X Prize- Google is ready to pay around 20 million dollars who wins this competition of   launching a lunar robot which has to travel across the moon for about 1640 feet and should transmit high resolution videos and images. This is a privately funded space race competition. This was started in 2015.

·         Before the advent of Google the world has around 13 search engines, but now due to the popularity of Google as the best search engine, most of the other search engines could not match Google and thus became extinct.
·         Google uses DeepMind software to run Google images. The DeepMind software was developed by a child, who has great interest in chess.
·         Google along with chairman of Apple and chairman of Genentech, a biotechnology  company to form a company called Calico ( California Life Company)  which is working on combating aging and several age related diseases like neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.             
·         Google provides a wide variety of facilities to its employees. A google employee can sit and work in any part of the office as he wishes to do. The cafeteria of google is very big and provides delicious dishes to its employees at free of cost. It is the mandatory rule in Google that a food station must be present for every 150 foot of office space.  

·         Google employees can bring their pet dogs to the office, the employees enjoy free body massage provision, can work out in gym and 18 weeks of maternity leave is provided and 6 weeks paternity leave with bonuses is provided, access to financial advisers, and also family death benefits, in which 50 per cent of salary of the employee is given to his family for 10 years.
·         The dream job of the majority of youth in countries like India is to work for Google. Google treats all its employees equally; bossism and superiority feeling are not present.
·         Google is the world’s second most valuable company and its net worth is around $21.4 billion.


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